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Monogon OS

A new kind of Linux operating system.

Monogon OS is an open-source, secure, API-driven and minimal operating system unlike any other. It is based on Linux and Kubernetes, but with a clean userland rebuilt entirely from scratch. It is written in pure Go and eliminates decades worth of legacy code and unnecessary complexity.

It runs on a fleet of bare metal or cloud machines and provides users with a hardened, production ready Kubernetes, without the overhead of traditional Linux distributions or configuration management systems. It does away with the scripting/YAML duct tape and configuration drift inherent to traditional deployments. Instead, it provides a stable API-driven platform free of vendor lock-in and with none of the drudgery.

Our minimalistic and principled design reduces the attack surface by orders of magnitude, providing a level of security never seen before in a server operating system. With full end-to-end attestation, secure boot and managed encryption, Monogon OS is suitable as a secure enclave for the most sensitive workloads.

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The Monogon project's monorepo lives on GitHub. Take a look and try our pre-release in a VM or on real hardware!