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Support and services

Monogon SE provides a range of commercial support options for Monogon OS and NetMeta for companies who need enterprise-grade production support.

Open Source

Monogon OS and NetMeta are fully open source under the permissive Apache 2 license.


What's included

  • Free forever.
  • Community support.

Commercial Support

Commercial support for production deployments of Monogon OS and NetMeta.

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What's included

  • Direct access to our team through a shared Slack channel and email support.
  • Integration support and troubleshooting.
  • Service level agreements for incident response.

Feature Development

Need a specific feature or platform support in one of our open source projects? Contact us!

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What's included

  • Prioritization of specific features on our roadmap.
  • Iterative design review process with customer.
  • Close collaboration with engineering and consulting partners depending on customer's needs.